Popular Roasts



Top Sirloin Roast - cut from the top of the Sirloin, this cut has big beefy flavor and is very tender and juicy.

Round Roast - cut from the round, this is one of the most common roasts. Very similar to the top sirloin roast, with good flavor, texture, and Juiciness.

Rib Roast - cut from the rib, this cut contains the large rib-eye muscle and is extremely tender and flavorful.

Chuck Eye Roast - this boneless roast is cut from the center of the first five ribs (the term eye refers to
any center-cut piece of meat). It is very tender and juicy, but has a high concentration of fat.

Brisket - cut from the front portion of the breast, the Brisket has a strong flavor and tenderness. A large layer of fat helps keep the Brisket juicy and flavorful during cooking.

Tenderloin - the tenderloin sits just under the
spine of the steer, and is the most tender cut of roast with a pleasantly mild flavor.





Cooking tip:
Slow cooking is the best method for preparing a roast. Braising in the oven or in a slow-cooker with your favorite marinade produces flavor packed, fork tender meat. Always cook to a minimum internal temperature of 140 degrees F.


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